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Each eye has six muscles that attach the eye to the eye socket within the skull. These muscles, by working in combination, produce all the movements of the eye. They work in much the same way as other skeletal muscles within the body by adapting to the stresses and demands that are placed upon them. However, the purpose of vision training is not to strengthen these muscles as they are already as strong as they need to be. Because these muscles act under voluntary control they can be trained to perform at a higher level by improving their speed, co-ordination and endurance.

Your sight, also known as visual acuity, is the ability to see at a certain level of detail. When you visit your optician they just measure your static visual acuity - usually by getting you to read a row of letters from an eye chart a fixed distance away. An optician will be able to help correct visual acuity to as close to 20/20 as possible and this is very important. However, there are very few times in sport when nothing is moving and therefore it is important for an athlete to be able to see as well as possible dynamically whist engaged in an activity. Even athletes with perfect static acuity cannot perform optimally without good dynamic acuity.

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