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The training drills you will find here are each designed to work the muscles in your eyes in the same way that you would go to the gym to strengthen and tone the other muscles of your body. Each drill works your vision system in a different way and you will find explanations of how each drill works and how it will help you once you have signed up and logged in.

The exercEYES programme is made up of several training drills, each of which has multiple levels. These levels can only be progressed through if you achieve a score over that required. Otherwise you will need to keep training on the same level until your visual skills have improved enough for you to progress. As you progress through the levels, improving your visual skills, you should also see an improvement in your sport specific skills.

There are various subscription packages available – for more information on these and to sign up to the programme please click here

If you require any further details please use the contact page and put online training in the subject field

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